We're not saying that by feeding your dog our natural, fuss-free raw food you will gain a special connection. Because it won't.

What we will say is that our raw food is enjoyable and healthy, and not only that but we can deliver it straight to your front door. Surely that's a better deal.


Every day we get asked how to feed raw dog food, it's challenging to navigate the thousands of pages online and some with conflicting information.  We aim to make it simple and FAFF FREE.

Our most significant request comes form dog owners are looking for a food that will help them with digestive issues, allergies, skin & coat problems, this is why we make our own raw.  We want to control the quality of ingredients and make sure only goodness is added to each batch we make.

Raw dog food has its roots in ancestral diets, and while dogs are primarily scavengers and will put anything in their mouth, it's the raw diet that brings the best results for vitality.

There are so many benefits to feeding a raw food diet, and the proof is in the pudding!

Leaner, more muscular with less chance of weight gain or obesity.

• Shiny, healthy sink and coat.
• Fresher breath.
• Less tartar.

What you put in you get out!

Nobody likes to talk about it, but every dog owner has got to do it. Picking up poo is not high on anyone list, but it's a lot easier with a raw diet.

Poos are firmer and smaller and less fragrant if you get what we mean.

Raw feeders go through fewer poo bags, which is a bonus for the environment. 

Raw complete or 80.10.10?

It's your choice; we make both to the quality standard. Every dog is different, and sometimes it is trial and error to get the right food for your dog.
Our compete contains everything a dog needs to thrive and reach their best vitality.
The recipes contain extra herbs and vitamins that wolves naturally get from eating small animal intestines in the wild; we have replicated this for extra benefit. 

Our working dog 80.10.10 diets are a mix of 80% meat, 10% organs and 10% bones, all of our raw recipes are single protein; we never mix bones or organs from other animals. This is so important for owners who are on elimination diets or dogs with allergies. 


As a general rule, if you are feeding 100% raw feed, 2% of your dog's body weight should be split into 2 meals in the day. In order to switch from your current food start by adding in 25% of the new food and increase gradually until you have swapped over during the course of the next 7 days. A fresh supply of drinking water should always be available.

For further information read our online feeding guides here. If you need further advice please contact us by email at: help@itsdogfood.com

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