Join the Pup Pack

We love puppies and know it's a full-time job caring for them and keeping them out of mischief.

Our Pup Pack is here to help. You will receive:

Training tips.
Pup treats with every puppy raw or cold pressed subscription.
Monthly weigh in until they are one.

This service is free of charge, all we ask in return is you spread the word on how great our Puppy food is. 

One Look Is all It took 

We are passionate about giving your pup the best start in life.
Our puppy raw food and cold pressed are the best place to start.
Over the first twelve months, it can be confusing, how much to feed your pup, so we offer a free service where you upload your pup's weight each month, and we will tailor their feeding plan, so they are getting the most out of our food. 

You can upload your pup's weight at any time if you feel they are going through a growth spurt and in need of more food.



Pups are growing every day, and we need to adjust their food as they grow.
Don't worry, we can do it for you, just fill out the calculator below and our team will get to work.

Feeding Tip

Remove your pup's feeding bowl after thirty minutes; this stops them thinking food is on tap and prevents them becoming fussy eaters.

Training Tip

If your pup barks at you, turn away from them until they stop, as soon as they stop, turn around and reward them with praise.

Personal Tip

Drinking Gin for the first twelve months is futile, get booked into puppy classes unless you're a pup whisperer.


Keep up to date with all the goings-on at on our Facebook page. We love to share our news and your pup pictures.

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