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“Feeding your dog should be FAFF FREE”

Breaking down the barriers to better quality dog food….
At, our main values are:
- Honesty
- Simplicity
- Quality


Why is finding the right dog food so confusing? We agree it shouldn’t be difficult. It’s dog food after all. Simple as that.

It’s from that simplicity which we created We aim to ditch all the jargon, sales tools and complicated language, so we can instead concentrate on providing your dog with the best quality and most nutritious dog food.

With a wealth of experience in the food industry, our founder too was baffled by the unnecessarily difficult world of pet food. So he took all his knowledge of human food ingredients, processes and packaging on a mission to make the dog food industry better. We want to make dog food that’s great for your dog, but also convenient for you.

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What is a food flavour we think the dog might like?
Pass it over it over to our No Nonsense Norwegian Nutritionist.

Here it gets a bit more complicated, as she uses her experience, knowledge and no-nonsense approach to ensure that there is a perfect blend of fat, protein, carbs and moisture, so basically all the good stuff your dog needs. She also makes sure the recipe is balanced and that all of the required vitamins and minerals are taken into account.


You may wonder who our No-Nonsense Norwegian Nutritionist is. Not only does it conveniently make for great alliteration, but she is also absolutely amazing at nutrition, funnily enough. Known as Milka Tesla, she runs the Nordic Pet Food E-Seminars as well as having more pet food knowledge than you could shake a stick at. We’re especially grateful for her extensive cold pressed knowledge which helps us create the best cold pressed dog food possible.

She is ‘No Nonsense’ by both name and nature - an absolute perfectionist. We don’t just create dog food recipes just because they sound good. Each and every meal is created with painstaking attention. The slightest change in any ingredient can throw off the balance, so extra attention is always given. This is what makes the food so good.


Of course, the main reason we do this is for the dogs. We believe you are a born a dog lover, and it’s safe to say we were.

Bruce is the resident dog here at He keeps us company without judgement, and at 62kg he is a real hugger.

Dry dog food is his favourite so he sticks to cold pressed. He especially likes chowing down on the lamb and rice meal This is a great choice for bigger dogs as it both a) helps with his joints and b) is a bit lighter which is good as he can't do as much exercise as a dog of smaller stature. Judging by his empty bowl it mustn't taste too bad either.


We don’t beat around the bush, which means we won’t be for everyone. However, what we do do is strive to take away the confusion surrounding dog food leaving just the good stuff.

Raw and cold pressed dog food are our specialities. Raw dog food is growing in popularity by the day, and with our experience in human food processing, it’s not all too different from burgers or sausages. Turns out, it’s the ingredients that make all the difference. Cold pressed dog food was more of a step into the unknown, which as food lovers, made it even more exciting. It is not yet well known in the UK but is rapidly growing in popularity and we’re confident it is the best dry dog food possible.

Everything in our dog food is there for a reason. You simply have to choose if you want to feed wet, dry or a mix - we do the rest. Not to mention, its cheaper than comparable dog food of the same high quality. Our dog food subscription is delivered straight to your door on a regular basis. Which means you no longer have to worry about remembering and lugging the food around the shops.


Did someone say We mean, when it's this good we can't just keep it for dogs...

Want good quality dog food without the faff and fuss? Try today!

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