Why Order Dog Food Online?

Let’s be honest.

Life is busy at the best times. You finish another day at your stressful job only to join the joy that is the rush hour commute home. Must stop off and visit that family member you keep saying you will, but you also need to get groceries, let alone that’s friends birthday drink - and it’s already nearly 7 pm because of those roadworks again.

By the time you’ve finally sat down to enjoy your dinner with your dog, you realise that you’ve forgotten his food (again). So, back out you go to the shop and that’s only half the problem - which dog food do you go for? There's that one off of the advert but they call dogs 'fur babies'. Then Sarah said that dogs should only eat raw food, but how do you go about preparing that? Then there’s that cheap food that looked alright, but you don’t know how to pronounce half the ingredients - so should your dog really be eating it?
If only you could get specially tailored dog food delivered to your door...

That’s where we step in….

Order Dog Food Online With itsdogfood.com

Partly because we’re dog food experts (which helps) but mainly because we’re dog lovers. We understand, from experience, the inconvenience of not only finding the right dog food for your dog but finding the time to source and get this.

With so many fads, rumours and opinions on what dogs should eat, sometimes you just need someone who understands dog nutrition to cut the nonsense. Luckily for us, we happen to have a No-Nonsense Norwegian Nutritionist who does exactly what her name suggests.

Together we have formed many recipes which sound like they'll taste great (fish and sweet potato anyone?) as well as only being cooked in the healthiest way possible for your dog.

We offer:

Cold Pressed Dog Food

This means dog food is made quickly without the use of high temperatures or steam which means the nutrients are left intact.

Find it here.

Raw Dog Food

Raw food which has been frozen, with no rubbish added to it. Just the bits that are good for your dog.

Find it here. 

Dog Treats

Just because they're treats doesn't mean they're bad for your dog. Our natural treats include chicken jerky, beef jerky and cod skins.

Find them here.

We know things are better when they're simple. So that's exactly what we do - keep it simple. So you can carry on happily with your human life, as your dog can carry on happily with his dog life in complete harmony. Everyone's a winner.

Itsdogfood.com is:

We use natural ingredients to ensure your dog's food is packed with nutrients, vitamins and all the good stuff.
We think so anyway. We haven’t tried it (and don't suggest you do either). Judging by our dog's empty bowls we can pretty confidently guess it tastes great.
One payment a month, and you get a healthy dog food subscription delivered straight to your door that has been specially made for your pup.

You’ve got a dog, it needs feeding. Why not let the experts sort it for you? Find out more about how to buy dog food online here, so you can have one less thing to worry about, and know your dog is being taken good care of.


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