Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Is Marmite great or evil?
And the biggest question of them all... why do dogs eat grass?

The last of these questions has left scholars, vets and dog owners scratching their heads for centuries (in dog years).

We're guessing that like us, you haven't tried eating grass yourself. We're also guessing that like us, you can't imagine that it tastes too nice. So why do they do it? And is it safe for dogs to eat grass?

Grass isn't that harmful to your dog. Apart from when it is sprayed with pesticides, grass doesn't contain anything toxic. However, just because it's not bad for them doesn't mean it's good for them either...

Should You Take Dog To Vet?

As a dog lover, it's natural to be concerned about your dog eating grass, although it is very common behaviour. A cause for concern arises if your dog is frequently eating grass but not its regular food then it's wise to visit the vet. This is also the case if your dog is repeatedly eating grass only to vomit it up, over and over. These are both signs that there is something wrong and should be seen to with a sense of urgency.

Do Dogs Like Eating Grass?

It's a common belief that dogs eat grass because, well... they like it. Although it seems strange to us humans, it's not that odd for a dog.

Whilst some say they enjoy the taste, it's more commonly believed they are doing it out of boredom. When understanding dog behaviour, you've got to remember that dogs need stimulation and do get bored. Now, we're with you and know that eating grass is a strange hobby, so next time you see your dog taking eating al fresco a bit far, why not try playing with it? We're sure that like us, your dog would rather play Frisbee than eat grass!

Do Dogs Get Nutrients From Grass?

Let's face it. The idea of dogs eating grass because they enjoy it is quite endearing and even sweet. Unfortunately, it's far more realistic that the reasons behind this abnormal dog behaviour are much more serious.

Scientists call it 'pica' .... but we simply call it eating food which isn't meant to be food.

When dogs do this, it’s a sign that something’s not quite right with their internal system. This is more than likely a sign that they are not getting all the nutrients they need from their current diet.

Grass contains plenty of fibre. So if your dog isn't getting what it needs from its diet it will start looking elsewhere, as unfortunate as that may be for your lawn...

If you're wondering why your dog is eating grass, it's probably time to reevaluate what you're feeding it. Like how you would take a closer look at your diet if you frequently had an upset belly.

Your dog needs a well-rounded diet of essential nutrients and minerals to lead a healthy life.

Every dog is different. We understand that life is busy enough without having to research and source the perfect diet for your dog. It's dog food after all. This is why we've gathered our experience, expertise and no-nonsense Norwegian nutritionist to create a healthy dog food subscription plan specifically tailored around your dog. You simply tell us a few details about your dog, and we do the rest. Find out more here.
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