Treats for PADS

Why are we doing a giveaway? It’s National Dog Week!

It’s National Dog Week from the 20th-27th September! National Dog Week is a celebration of dogs, what they mean to us and how we can support and improve their lives. Here at Itsdogfood we pride ourselves on providing high quality food using high quality ingredients so that your dog only has the best! National Dog Week is a time dedicated to helping local organisations, shelters and dogs in need, so we thought we’d do our bit in a fun and well tasty way!

In honour of this week, we have decided to do a Treats Giveaway for our local dog charity PADS. Over the course of the week we are hoping you will help us in liking and sharing the giveaway posts as many times as possible to increase the amount of treats we give away to the shelter. Learn more about what you need to do further down in the blog.


About PADS

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society is a long-established local dog rescue charity which aims to provide care and shelter for Scotland's unwanted dogs and to find them loving homes. The charity is located just outside of Perth, Scotland and has been responsible for the re-homing and care of thousands of abandoned dogs since their official founding in 1985.

PADS also provide veterinary care for sick and injured dogs who come into their care and have a small hospital unit which is used for the recovery of animals who have had recent operations. The “mother and baby unit” also allows new mums to care for their puppies in a safe and relaxed environment.

PADS care for dogs who are looking for a new home as well as stray dogs who are often collected by the local council and brought into the charity. They do their best to give love and a new life to all stray dogs who come into their care.


"We are an independent charity and rely solely on donations to keep us going, the people of Perthshire (and beyond) have been so generous since the fundraising started way back in the 1980's. What should have been a huge 30th Anniversary celebration year for us has been dampened by Covid-19.

Times are changing, the large legacies we used to receive will soon lessen as younger generations don't have the savings of old and so we have to look for new ways to fund raise all of the time. A promotion such as this from Itsdogfood is wonderful as we can give the dogs tasty and nutritious treats whilst keeping our valuable cash for ever increasing vet and utility bills."

A message from Jo High, Assistant Manager at PADS.

 PADS Logo


Why did we choose PADS?

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society is local to us here in Perth, Scotland. The work of the charity has directly connected with those within our company and we’d love to give something back. We can’t wait for the dogs at PADS to enjoy a delicious goodie from our Well Tasty Treats range and to add a little pleasure into their day. We hope this donation will bring the tremendous work of PADS to the forefront and benefit the lives of all of the dogs in their care. 


About the Treats Giveaway

Our Well Tasty Jerky and Cod Skin Treats are all natural and a great goodie for dogs when training or just for being a great dog! Through our Instagram and Facebook pages we are hoping you will help us in spreading the word about our giveaway by liking and sharing the post as many times as possible to increase the treats we give away. More likes and shares = more treats to give away! Giveaway begins Monday 21st September and finishes Sunday 27th September. 


PADS Treats Giveaway Social Image


All you have to do is…

LIKE the giveaway post which you can find on our Facebook and Instagram pages from Monday 21st September!


SHARE the giveaway post! 1 share to your story on Instagram or 1 share to your Facebook page will count as 10 extra likes!! (Wow!)



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