Travelling and Camping with Your Raw Fed Dog

You’re going on holiday and may not have access to a freezer, so you’re panicking about how to feed your raw fed dog. But feeding a raw diet when you’re travelling and camping doesn’t have to be difficult! It just takes some know-how and forward planning on what to do/ take. Here’s some tips on what to do when travelling and camping with your raw fed dog, without interrupting their regular diet...

Choose a Cooler with Ice Packs

If you’re going away for a few days then using a cool box filled with ice packs will slow down thawing time and keep your Faff Free Frozen raw food frozen for longer. Put the box in the coolest, shadiest part of the car and you’re sorted for 48 hours travelling time. Providing you have access to a fridge or freezer at the campsite, our food, once reaching room temperature, will keep fresh in a fridge for 2-3 days, or 4 days from frozen.

Re-use Polystyrene Boxes

Similar to a cool box keeping your raw food in an insulated polystyrene box will also slow down thaw time. Pack the food tightly into the box (as frozen raw food acts as ice when packed together) and store in the coolest and shadiest part of the car.

Invest in a Gas or Solar Freezer

If you’re camping for more than a few days and don’t have access to electricity then you may want to borrow, rent or invest in a gas or a solar powered freezer. Use the cooler or polystyrene box method to transport the frozen food and transfer to a gas freezer once you’re at your destination.

Switch to Cold Pressed

A simple, easy and stress free option is to switch to cold pressed dog food whilst you’re away. Cold pressed dog food has all the benefits of raw with the convenience of dry food. It’s cold pressed at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients, contains all-natural ingredients (no fillers, bulk or unnatural crap) and digests at the same rate as raw. It’s a great alternative if you’re feeding raw but need a little more convenience whilst on holiday. This way you’re not interrupting your dog’s regular diet with some highly processed, high starch commercial dry dog food. Read more about our No Stress Cold Pressed here.

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