3 Ways to Switch Your Dog to a Raw Food Diet

Are you eager to switch your dog to a fresh raw diet? Let me guess, you researched the process and was bombarded by 100 different ways to introduce your dog to a raw food diet? Well, we won’t deny there are more than a handful of ways to transition your dog from dry, cooked or wet food, to the good stuff. But let's discuss the top 3 most popular methods and what’s best for your dog...because let’s be honest, every dog is different.


There are significant differences in the digestive process and speed of digestion between raw and (in particular) dry kibble. However, if your dog doesn’t have a sensitive stomach then many owners believe in just making that immediate switch as they’re less prone to digestive upset that typically results in diarrhea (yuck!).

Every dog is different and some dogs do easily make that immediate switch with no fuss. But we would only recommend trying this method if you have a puppy or a younger dog. We also suggest keeping an eye on your dog and their stools for the first few days of making that immediate switch. Look to see whether they’ve adjusted easily or need to transition a little slower and try either method 2 or 3.


When switching from other food a method that most dog owners tend to use is the phased approach. This is a particularly good method for dogs who have sensitive stomachs, as changing their food from one to another can cause gastrointestinal upset. In particular if your dog was previously being fed dry commercial kibble then they could potentially have poor gut bacteria, suppressed digestive enzymes and a weakened immune system. This all stems from eating artificial and grain-based processed foods.

To get your dog’s digestive system back up and running and decrease the risk of GI upset, we personally suggest gradually adding a small amount of new food to make up roughly 25% of the meal. Increase gradually over the course of 7 days until you've fully swapped.


This method is a healthy medium between the immediate switch and the phased approach. It’s popular amongst owners who prefer to test the waters with their dog first before making that change. And it’s as simple as it sounds. Use the raw food as a ‘treat’ on the first day and keep an eye on the condition of your dog’s stool. Increase the amount of raw treats over the next few days and continue to monitor their stool. If the stool is normal then replace one whole meal with raw. Over the next couple days if your dog’s stool remains healthy then stop the old food and switch completely to raw.

If you need help on how much to feed your dog then head on over to our FEEDING GUIDE.

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