Loss Of Appetite In Dogs - A Cause For Concern?

Whether it's their dinner or yours, an old shoe or even the homework, we all know dogs will try to eat anything. Their determination to fill their stomachs is admirable, even if it leaves us owners wrestling all sorts out of their jaws. Consequently, it can then come as quite a surprise to find your dog not eating.

Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

After filling your dog’s bowl with dog food, does your dog tend to go over and have a sniff, only to walk away after?
Does your dog then have the audacity to come to your plate when you are trying to eat, staring at you with big, begging eyes?

Of course, primarily, this confirms that your dog is being a pain. However, this is a sign that something isn’t quite right. Whilst us humans would too choose human food over dog food, your dog shouldn’t do this. Why? Because...well... he’s a dog…

It may seem obvious, but not liking their food is one of the main causes of dogs not eating. It’s a simple reason, which also makes it very simple to solve.

What Causes Loss Of Appetite In Dogs?

Feeding your dog a cheaper food may work out for your bank balance in the short term, but won’t be doing your dog any favours. They are often high in sugar, salt and artificial flavours. Much like how if we were faced with a big greasy hamburger every day we would attempt to find nutrients from elsewhere … which, annoyingly, just so happens to be your plate.

Low appetite isn’t always a sign of abnormal dog behaviour. Much like with us humans, there isn't one rule for all regarding appetite. What’s a normal amount of dog food for one dog, maybe too much for another.

Your dog needs a well-balanced diet tailored to their size.
This sounds simple enough but realistically, most people won’t have time to source and prepare this daily due to work, hobbies and general life. Luckily, our work and hobbies happen to be dogs and especially dog food. Throw in a no-nonsense Norwegian nutritionist and there’s a dream team for creating a no-nonsense, healthy dog food subscription that dogs won’t turn their nose up at.

Fill in your details here, and let us do the rest of the work.

Is Loss Of Appetite In Dogs A Cause For Concern?

Of course, a dog not eating could always be a sign of an issue more serious. We recommend taking a trip to the vet if any of the following symptoms persist for longer than 48 hours:

- Refusing to eat at all

- Not drinking water

- Not eating treats

- Attempting to eat but unable to finish a meal

- Weight Loss

- Lack of energy

- Vomiting

Overall a dog not eating is more so a sign that their current dog food is not for them. Find out more about itsdogfood.com’s expertly tailored dog plans here so your dog can enjoy it’s dinner without disturbing yours.
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