Hygiene Guidelines for Raw Feeding

One of the most common concerns of feeding dogs a raw diet is the risk of germs and disease. If you’re researching anything about a ‘raw fed diet for dogs’ you’ll have seen numerous articles about the risk of salmonella. Although there are some truths to it, the risk is more towards humans contacting it via lack of hygiene during preparation, especially if you DIY raw. And all honesty the risk is actually no different to handling and preparing raw meat for yourself to cook.

We work hard to provide you with as safe as product as possible from farm to freezer. And we even save you the faff of preparation Faff Free Frozen  food by having everything your dog needs for a well-balanced and nutrient dense meals in every bag.

But what food safety protocols do you need to take when storing, thawing and handling raw food?

- All foods are frozen and should be kept frozen until you are ready to use

- Defrost frozen dog food product in a cool (not warm) area away from other food, food preparation surfaces and equipment

- Store your raw product separately Never store on the same shelf as cooked products e.g. cooked meats, cheese etc.

- Ideally store your raw food on the bottom shelf to prevent any product dripping onto lower shelves.

- Use separate utensils and bowls and wash separately after use.

- Prevent cross-contamination by cleaning everything which has been in contact with the meat product or the packaging with detergent or disinfectant

- Make sure to feed your pet in a cool space, out of the sun - the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria will multiply.

- Do not leave your dog’s food out for longer than an hour

- if so, dispose of it. - Wash hands thoroughly after feeding with antibacterial soap

These are all common sense rules to keep youm your family and you dog safe when handling raw food products.

Find out more benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet here.

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