How To Feed Cold Pressed Dog Food

Not only is our No Stress Cold Pressed a great choice of complete meal for your dog, but there are a variety of different ways you can feed it and treat it too...

Feed as a complete meal 

Our cold pressed dog food is a complete meal packed full of the best protein and vegetables, perfect for no stress feeding - that's how it got it's name!

Simply fill out our feeding calculator to find out how much to feed your dog per day, open the bag and scoop out enough for their meal each day – easy!

Feeding with or as an alternative to raw

If you are a raw feeder looking for a dry food alternative when travelling, or perhaps you have limited freezer space, cold pressed is the perfect option.

As it’s pressed using lower temperatures, it breaks down at the same rate as raw which means you can even feed the two together in the same bowl!

Training with cold pressed

When it comes to training your dog, or taking treats out on walks, cold pressed is a fantastic option. 

It is quick for dogs to digest when out and about, and can break up easily in your hand if you’re looking to give small rewards!

Adding water

As our cold pressed in gently pressed, it isn’t as hard as traditional kibble making it easy for your dog to chew and digest, but if you have an elderly dog or just want to water it down, it’s easy!

Simply add a bit of warm water to the cold pressed in your dog's bowl, leave it for a few minutes and give it a stir. It breaks down quickly (as it would in your dog’s stomach) and creates a nice paste. You could even add it into your dogs normal cold pressed meal as a gravy!

Cold pressed as a boredom buster

Lickimat's are not only fantastic for raw feeders, but cold pressed too. Use the above method of making a paste or gravy like consistency, spread it onto a Lickimat and let your dog enjoy!

Our food is also easy to break into smaller pieces which makes it perfect for keeping your dog entertained by filling a Kong or popping some treats into a puzzle toy.

Scatter games

Looking to make meal times more interesting, or want to make a game for your dog? As a dry food it’s easy to scatter some cold pressed on the floor, in the grass or even to hide around the room to give your dog the chance to use their brain - perfect for days where you’re stuck in the house or if the rain is dampening your walks.

Check out our range of Cold Pressed dog food! 

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