Does Your Dog Have Hay Fever?

Just like humans, dogs can get hay fever too. In fact, it’s thought up to 10% of dogs in the UK suffer from some form of this seasonal allergy.

Research suggests that dogs who haven’t been exposed to multiple types of grasses, trees and plants in early life are more likely to develop an allergy to different types of pollen. Although some dogs are just more susceptible to dog hayfever than others, such as dalmatians, poodles, schnauzers and irish setters to name a few.

So what are the symptoms?

- Frequent, repeated sneezing
- Runny nose
- Rashes on paws/skin
- Increase of itching/biting - skin irritation
- Itchy, red and/or streaming eyes
- Itching to excess resulting in bald patches/ skin lesions

Can dog hay fever be treated?

Just like humans, hay fever isn’t something that can be cured but it can be treated so you can soothe the symptoms of your dog’s discomfort. If your dog is unwell and you’re unable to see an apparent cause, their symptoms may match up with the ones above, in which case a high pollen count may be the reason.

Simple things like wiping your dog’s coat when they’ve been on a walk or trimming their long fur can reduce the amount of allergens getting caught and carried in your dog’s coat.

Also washing your dog’s bed regularly and walking them in the early morning or late at night when the pollen count is lower can help reduce their symptoms. If your dog is still struggling you can visit your vet who may prescribe eye drops of nasal sprays.

Some of the symptoms relating to hay fever are similar to those relating to food intolerances so do check with your vet. 

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