Best Dog Food For Allergies

If your dog is acting as sick as a… well... a dog, it could be the result of food allergies. Just like us dog owners, dogs too can suffer from allergies which cause adverse and inconvenient effects.

As you probably already know, there are a whole host of factors that can be the cause of this, from pollen to dust to grass. However, often it’s actually just the food they’re eating.

This means as owners we have to be extra vigilant to our dogs' behaviour. Whereas we’d stop eating something that makes us ill, evolution hasn’t caught up with your dog yet so his lack of rational thinking will mean he just keeps on eating. This is obviously bad for your dog, and often for your carpet too.

Dog Food Allergy Symptoms

Is your dog is suffering from...

- Itchy skin causing it to constantly scratch?

- Ear infections that keep coming back?

- Vomiting, diarrhoea and abnormal levels of gassiness?

If the answer is yes to any of the above problems, then your dog could actually be suffering from a dog food allergy. Usually an allergy becomes apparent when the dog is younger than one, however, they are not limited to this and can develop at any time during their life.

Food allergies often passed down from parents to puppies. We all know what allergies are, but often unaware as to why we get them.=

In short, an allergy is a problem which occurs when the body tried to break down the proteins in the problem ingredient. Within dogs, this is commonly grains, wheat and milk. Dogs also tend to have allergies to all of the added chemicals in their food too so it is best to avoid them.

A vet can treat the dog to help alleviate the symptoms of their dog food allergy, however, it is best to remove the allergen altogether from the dog’s diet.  

Best Dog Food For Allergies

The fewer ingredients in your pet food the fewer allergens are present. Which means, (you guessed it), the less likely allergies will be.

Opting for a limited ingredient dog food can help you monitor what your dog is ingesting. If the allergies stop soon after the switch then it is clear that one of the ingredients in the old food was the problem and your dog can instead eat food better suited to its digestive system. If the problems continue we recommend visiting a vet who can further help you decipher the root of the problem.

We recommend the best type of dog food for dogs with allergies to be grain-free. Dogs often have a hard time breaking down grains, so by cutting them out completely can frequently result in the end of the symptoms.

We cut the crap and only keep in the good stuff with our range of dog food. We supply cold pressed dog food, made especially to keep the ingredients at their optimum level, as well as raw dog food, frozen with no added nasty bits.

Browse our dog food here to find the best food for your dog’s allergies.

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