No Bullsh*t, Just 5 Real Benefits of Raw Dog Food

It’s time to give the dog a bone, not another gimmick. 

You’ve got a dog. It needs feeding. We have a range of dog food full of health benefits…you can see where we’re going with this…  

We know as well you that there’s plenty of theories, stories, and whispers about feeding your dog raw food. So, we going to cut the bullsh*t. Here are five real benefits of raw dog food.

Better Fur And Skin 

This is an easy one. If you improve what you put in your dog’s body, it will improve how it looks on the outside.  


Dogs detox through their skin. Cutting the amount of crap means it won’t have to anymore. Which is good news for dog owners as this means no more shedding. It’s also good news for dogs as this means, well, no more shedding. 

Better For Allergies 

Fillers and derivatives are bad. Fact. 

Raw dog food doesn't contain grains and fillers. Fact. 

Cut the allergen and the allergy is gone too. 

If your dog has a skin condition then switching to raw dog food could be a simple, yet very effective, solution. Similarly, if you look out for sensitive stomach dog food, it makes sense to switch to raw dog food. 

We only use natural ingredients. Making sure we have the perfect balance of raw meat and vegetables with essential oils, minerals and vitamins added to give your dog everything they need. 

Better Digestion 

Let’s be honest - no one enjoys dog poo (except, maybe, the dogs).

But, what if we told you we could reduce both the size and smell of your dog’s mess?

Whilst it may sound like dog sh*t, it’s actually one of the truly desirable benefits of raw feeding dogs. 

Dogs have shorter intestines than humans. This, unfortunately, means they don’t have as long as us to digest food. By putting in all the good stuff (nutrients) and taking out all the crap (grains), your dog can completely absorb the minerals and vitamins. 

That means no more nasty ‘treats’ left for you…well, it’s still poo, but it’s better than the poo they did before. 

Better Weight Control

A protein high diet will result in less excess fat and an increase in muscle. It goes without saying this will make your dog stronger and healthier. And, after all, who wouldn’t want that?!

Another one of the benefits of raw dog food is the lower calorie count than processed dog food. This makes a great way to help your dog shift those extra pounds. 

Better Vitality Levels

Everyone wants a healthy dog! (If you don't you’re definitely in the wrong place… but we can recommend some other companies for you...) 

You know the difference you feel after eating healthy food compared to fast food. Well, your dog is no different. We can all agree which meal leaves us feeling better…

A healthy dog is a happy dog and that will show through its energy levels. If you’ve noticed your dog acting sluggish and lazy then there’s a very good chance that it is down to the food it’s eating. create raw dog food with your dog’s health and satisfaction in mind. No bullsh*t.  All you need to do is tell us the size. age and allergies of your dog and we do the rest of the work. We tailor a food plan for you work based entirely on what it needs.

That’s not to say only raw dog food is the best for your dog. We also sell cold pressed dog food which is pretty great too (if we do say so ourselves). It all depends on your dog. Enter your dog's details here, and let us work out the best diet.  

You’ve got a dog. It needs feeding. 

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