A Fuss-Free Guide To Healthy Dog Treats

Just like humans, dogs deserve a treat here and there. Whether it be for training, a reward for good behaviour, or just because it’s your dog, it will appreciate a dog treat all the same.

As humans, we can indulge in treats and then feel a bit guilty. This leads us (in theory) to stop and to work them off. As dogs, they won’t feel guilty and will just be chuffed to get extra food. This leads them to not really do anything apart from look at you and smile. So as dog owners, it’s our duty to take responsibility for what our dog eats so that he can live a long and healthy life.

Enter healthy dog treats.

Not only are they highly enjoyable for your dog, but they are also a way to make sure your dog stays healthy and fit, without them even realising.

Often dog owners will spend a long time choosing their dog food (simplify that process here), but don’t pay attention to the dog treats. They can be high in sugar, calories AND fat, which we’re sure you don’t need our No-Nonsense Norwegian Nutritionist to tell you is bad. The best dog treats are those that are both healthy and delicious.

Healthy Dog Treats That Taste Great* Too

*We haven’t tried them personally.

Resist the urge to feed your dog treats from your own food. Human food isn’t always good for dogs… not that it will stop them trying to eat it. Healthy dog treats specifically formulated for dogs is created with their health in mind. It will also mean you’ll have more food for yourself. Everyone’s a winner.

Beef Jerky Dog Treats

- Natural and healthy treat
- Maintain healthy teeth and gums
- Reduce tartar build-up
- Perfect For Training

Find more here. 

Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

- Great way to supplement extra protein
- Full of essential amino acids
- Full of flavour

Find more here.

Cod Skin Treats

- Crunchy texture and delicious taste
- Naturally high in Omega 3
- Help maintain healthy skin and coat.

Find more here.

Other Healthy Dog Treats

- Fresh Veg (carrots, broccoli and green beans)
May not seem the most appealing snack treat for humans, but your dog won’t know any different. Baby carrots are especially good for your dog’s teeth.

- Fresh Fruit
Fruits like strawberries and blueberries are great for your dog’s diet (in moderation). Find out what fruits are good for dogs here.

As a rule of thumb, no more than 10% of your dog’s diet should be treats. It's important to give your dog a good all-round diet which includes all the essential nutrients and minerals for a healthy life. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. Send us a few details about your dog here, then we'll form a tailored dog food plan, and deliver it straight to your door. 

You’ve got a dog, its needs feeding.


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