9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Whilst Working from Home

Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many people have been requested or chosen to work from home in order to prevent further spread. In a world rife with worry, this has to be one positive for every dog, as their owner is now able to play fetch and give belly rubs 24/7.

But as demanding as they can be, some of us still have to work! So how can you keep your dog entertained whilst you get your head down?

Let Them Chew

Dogs love to chew, so let them! Chew toys are a great way to not only help prevent your dog being destructive but to keep them busy. There are hundreds on the market but you can also make your own at home! Use an old t-shirt (or denim jeans!), cut it into 3 strips and braid/plait the material together and knot the ends tightly, to create a strong chew toy. Another great DIY chew toy hack is the ‘sock bottle’ - we’ve no idea if that’s the official name but it’s ours for it!. Simply cut a hole in the toe side of a full length sock and stuff a water bottle inside of it. Knot both sides tightly and that’s it! Dogs love the crackling sound of the bottle and they’ll have fun chewing the ends!

Exhaust Them Earlier On

A simple solo walk, jog or run in the morning will help them expel their energy for the day and give them exercise and mental stimulation. A good first walk in the morning will also more than likely kickstart your mental cogs for the day ahead.

Treat Puzzles

Dogs love to work, especially if it’s for food, and treat puzzles are brilliant for keeping them busy for hours! If you don’t have a Kong, or something similar to hand, you can easily cut a hole in a tennis ball and pop some treats in! Or alternatively, if you’re worried about giving your dog too many treats, you could feed them a dry food alternative at meal times such as our Cold Pressed dog food and prolong breakfast or dinner times by making them earn their meals!

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are great to keep your dog entertained for longer than 5 minutes. Again you can buy them online or you can make them yourself using a rubber mat with holes in, strips of fabric of fleece and some scissors. It’s as easy as cutting small strips of fabric and knotting enough of them around the rubber mat so great your own treat scavenging fabric mat!


Frozen treats will keep your dog entertained for a good while whilst they work out how to get to their favourite treat! Simply fill up an ice cube tray with water or bone broth, add their favourite treat and freeze. Not only do they keep your dog entertained but it’ll also keep them hydrated too! Even better as we get into the hotter months of the year.

Brain Training Games

Brain training games are great to provide your dog with mental stimulation whilst you work. There’s many available on the internet but you can create your own using tennis balls and a muffin tin. Simply place some small training treats into the muffin tin and pop the tennis ball on top before watching your excited pup work out how to get to treats. Why not try some of our Well Tasty Treats in yours? Just add them to your order!

Build A Dog Den

Grab some blankets, sheets or towels and create a fun den for your dog to play in. Pop in some of their favourite toys and treats and they will be kept happy for a few hours.

Take A Break, Take Advantage

Use the fact you’re at home with your dog to take regular breaks. Play fetch, tug of war or run around the garden with them. Regular breaks are beneficial for both of you, preventing boredom for your dog and allowing your own brain to recharge.

Scavenger Hunts

Do they have a favourite toy or favourite treat? Hide it/ them around the house and ask them to seek it out! Some of the simplest games are often the best.

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