7 Benefits of Switching to Cold Pressed Dog Food

What is Cold Pressed dog food?

Cold Pressed dog food is a unique cooking method that retains as much of the ingredients nutrients as possible by cold pressing the pellets at low temperatures. Standard kibble is cooked at extremely high temperatures which destroys most of the goodness, so any nutritional elements that were there to start with are now lost by the time the food makes it to your dog’s bowl. This is the main difference between Cold Pressed and kibble.

All our Cold Pressed recipes contain wholesome, natural ingredients. No fillers and no crap, just simple high-quality British ingredients. Let's just say unlike commercial kibble, you’ll have heard of all the ingredients on the back of the pouch. *wink*

So what are the benefits?

Lower Temperatures - More Nutrients

High temperatures result in the destruction of proteins, nutrients and the complexing of starches (sugars) reducing digestibility and thus absorption within the gut. By cooking at a lower temperature, more nutrients, oils and natural flavours remain. Yep! All those natural enzymes, vitamins and fibre remain intact to create an easily digestible and nutrient dense product.

Breaks Down Gently & Easier to Digest

The biggest benefit to cold pressed food is that the pellets dissolve from the outside in, meaning it doesn’t expand once digested. This makes it great for sensitive stomachs as it means the product breaks down quickly (at a similar rate to raw) and they absorb the nutrients faster, all without bloating.

Closest Dry Food to a Raw Diet

Due to the reduced processing and low cooking involved, cold pressed is considered to be the closest dry alternative to raw food. The cold-pressing method helps to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients used, including heat-sensitive enzymes, meat fibres, fats and vitamins. Our food also contains no fillers, grains or bulking agents.

Nutrient Dense - Feed Less

Because of the method in which the food is produced it results in nutrient rich density which means you will require almost 30% less food by volume.

Ideal for Sensitive Dogs

There are no fillers, grains or wheat in our Cold Pressed recipes. Just simple, natural and wholesome ingredients which make it perfect for dogs with allergies, intolerances and sensitive stomachs.

Can Be Softened for Smaller Dogs & Puppies

If you’re worried the appearance of the food is ‘hard’ or your dog prefers softer food, you can soak it with warm water pre-feeding. Which makes it great for puppies and smaller dogs.

Can be Combined with a Raw Diet

Because cold pressed dog food digests at a similar rate to raw, it can be fed alongside a raw food diet. It’s also a more convenient alternative if you’re taking your dog on holiday or camping and don’t have access to a freezer. Read more about travelling and camping with your raw fed dog >here<.

Grab your Cold Pressed Taster Box today for just £10. No faff, fuss or fillers, just simple nutrient dense ingredients providing a well balanced meal.

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