6 Tips to Combat Doggy Boredom

Is your pup misbehaving at home by themselves when you’re out at work or socialising with friends and family? If so, they are probably suffering from doggy boredom! Don’t worry, boredom in dogs is very common due to them needing a huge amount of mental and physical stimulation throughout the day to keep occupied.

Some signs your loveable friend is suffering from doggy boredom may include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Whining
  • Jumping
  • Excessive chewing
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Digging or scratching at furniture
  • Hyperactivity

We have put together a list of 6 super fun and easy ideas for combating boredom in your pup to ensure they aren’t taking it into their own paws to look for something fun to do (e.g. chewing everything in sight, making a big mess or digging in the bin!).

Plenty of exercise

Exercise time is one of the most important parts of a dog’s day (except from mealtimes of course). And so, as owners, we must ensure that this time is both physically and mentally stimulating enough to keep our pups occupied for a good proportion of their day. Changing up your walking routine adds new and interesting sensations for dogs including sights and smells as well as creating excitement and mental stimulation in taking a new route.

New toys and alternating toys

Buying your dog a new toy every so often will naturally add mental stimulation to your pup’s day as they discover and play with their new toy. However, after a while, the novelty of a toy will wear off and so alternating toys every week whilst hiding others will add extra excitement to their day. With each alternation will come the interest and intrigue of receiving a brand-new toy for the first time with the hope being that your dog will remain occupied for longer reducing doggy boredom.

Find a playmate and arrange playdates

Just as with only children, being the only dog in a family can be tough sometimes. Introducing playdates with other dogs can be a great way to increase both mental and physical stimulation. Playing games and spending time outdoors with other dogs will not only provide an opportunity for socialisation but will also provide an outlet for excess energy reducing boredom.

Make mealtimes fun

Rather than preparing your dog’s food all into their one bowl as usual, splitting food into a few bowls and allowing your dog to find these throughout the house or garden will be much more exciting for them! (Although we don’t recommend this on carpeted areas with raw or cold-pressed food mixed with liquid for many reasons you can probably imagine, what a mess!).

Introduce your dog to new places, people and dogs

Although we are all aware that puppy socialisation is key to the development of more relaxed, friendly and happy pups, introducing older dogs to new environments with different sights, sounds, smells, animals and people can provide enhanced mental stimulation to combat puppy boredom. Taking a trip to the local beach, park or lake is an ideal scenario for meeting other dog owners looking to do the same thing with their pups.  

Playing a game of find the treats

All dogs enjoy nose work games, and this is a fun and easy way of mentally tiring out your pup. Our Well Tasty Chicken Jerky, Beef Jerky or Cod Skin Treats will be perfect for this! Hide some of your dog’s favourite treats around the garden or house, being sure to remember where you have put them! Allow your dog to sniff these out and encourage them to pick up the treats giving them praise after finding each one.

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