6 Simple Changes to Improve Your Dog’s Health in 2020

Whist you're creating your own list of New Year’s Resolutions, have you ever thought about your dog? Time and time again research has proven that even the smallest changes can make the biggest positive impact on your dog’s health and wellbeing...as well as your own. But we’re talking more than walking your dog an extra 10 minutes longer than usual (although that’s definitely a small change that can make a positive impact). We’re talking about other vital changes that can improve your dog’s health starting today.

Daily Routine

If your dog’s day is unpredictable it can elevate stress levels and the inconsistency can contribute to anxiety. Dogs like predictability, especially when it comes to their basic needs such as food, shelter, safety and walks. For example; feeding routines can help reduce weight gain, toilet routines can improve housetraining, training routines can help with behaviour... you get the idea. But we know that flexibility is important in order to be realistic when setting a routine that works around you and your dog. It’s also vital in order for your dog to be able to adapt to small changes and move through life without unnecessary stress. So when setting routines try to stick to them as much as possible, as your dog will be far better off with the consistency. However don’t panic, by remaining flexible your dog will learn to easily adapt to the smaller changes.

Portion Control

Of course, each dogs intake will be different. A dog that's young and energetic will burn more calories than an older less active dog. It’s important to calculate how much food you should be feeding your dog on a daily basis in order to keep them healthy - You can see our detailed Feeding Guides here.


A proper balance of nutrients is essential when it comes to feeding your dog. It can help to keep him or her at a healthy weight, but also reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Feeding your dog a well-rounded grain free, high protein diet can play a huge part in maintaining your dog’s overall health. If you’re looking to improve your dog’s health immediately check out our No Stress Cold Pressed or Faff Free Frozen Raw Complete Meals, both made from human-grade UK sourced meat and rich in vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants and amino acids to provide your dog with everything they need in each bowl.

Oral Hygiene

Eating, drinking, playing fetch - your dog’s mouth handles A LOT. So it’s very important to keep your dogs oral health in tip top condition. Just like us, dogs can get plaque build u. This plaque turns into tartar which soon grows bacteria, causing damage not just to the teeth and gums but also to internal organs. Prevention is key. Feeding your dog a high-quality diet can help reduce plaque and raw diets are especially beneficial. The consistency of raw food means it does not stick to the teeth like your average commercial kibble but also if it contains bones (especially ground up) which can act as an abrasive. Other ways of cleaning your dogs teeth include: healthy chews, toys, treatments and of course traditional brushing.


Canine enrichment is incredibly important because dogs that are under-stimulated are at risk of behavioural problems including; compulsive behaviours, destructive behaviour, attention-seeking behaviors, and excessive vocalisation. Enrichment comes in a variety of forms including social, occupational, physical, sensory and nutritional. All of which can fulfill your dog’s needs for interaction, purpose and mental/ physical exercise. Whether that’s taking them on more group walks, giving them a ‘job’, teaching them new tricks or providing them with puzzle games. Introducing more types of enrichment into your dogs routine can greatly benefit their happiness, confidence and give them overall true wellness.

Annual Vet Check Ups

Most dog owners will only make an appointment with the vet when something is wrong, like a sudden injury. However, dogs don’t always show signs of pain or illness, so it’s important to make regular health and weight checks. Allowing vets to identify concerns at an early stage will provide the best possible outcome. Another benefit of annual vet check ups is to familiarise your dog with the clinic when they’re well so they become less anxious because they’re not associating their trips with negative or stressful experiences.

Remember, in order to keep your dog in the best possible health, diet and nutrition plays a huge part. If you’d like to trial our No Stress Cold Pressed or Faff Free Frozen Complete Meals we now supply Taster Boxes for just £10!

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