6 Positives of Owning A Dog During Quarantine

We all know there are many significant health benefits to owning a dog, but what positives can they bring to our lives during this current crisis? Well, there are quite a few...

They Are Calming

Dogs have no idea about what's going on in the world around them. They just know that you’re spending more time at home and that makes it a better day than before all this kicked off. Take comfort and calm from the fact your dog simply thinks you just want to spend more time with him!

They Give You Routine

Whether you’re working from home or just self-isolating, dogs give you routine. That may be their feeding schedule, their 1 hour of exercise a day or even playtime breaks. If you’re working from home and feel a little out of your normal routine, why not create a routine around your dog? Making sure you’re scheduling in their walk and playtime during well-deserved breaks from your screen. You may even find you’re more productive having regular tug of war breaks!

They Give You Companionship

Dogs make great companions. Whether you’re having to self-isolate alone or are alone whilst your partner is busy working, your dog can offer you company. Even if that is just sitting on your lap whilst you watch tv or under your feet whilst you’re washing up!

They Reduce Stress

There’s a reason therapy dogs are so effective: Spending just a few minutes bonding with your dog can lower anxiety and blood pressure, plus increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neurochemicals that play vital roles in your mood and wellbeing. Make the most of it!

They Keep You Busy

If you’ve suddenly got tons of time on your hands it can be nice to craft or create something for yourself and gain that sense of achievement. But it feels that much better when you have someone to make something for, and are then able see the joy it brings them. Yes, that includes dogs. Making your dog a new toy, den or a cardboard box fort will not only keep you busy, but will also bring you inner joy seeing a speedily wagging tail enjoying it.

They Help You Create New Friendships

Just like when you’re at the park and you stop to talk to someone, dog owners are getting together online to bond over ideas of how to keep their dog entertained during quarantine. They’re also sharing their work from home pics and humorous problems they’re encountering. Like trying to stroke their dog with one hand and type an email with the other.

During this time, you concentrate on staying safe indoors, and we’ll concentrate on keeping your dog(s) well fed. Grab 40% off your first box of cold pressed or complete raw and we’ll even throw in some goodies. To get started simply input some details about your dog, we'll create your tailored box and then use code WELLTASTY at checkout.

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