5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Whilst Working From Home

Once again, our dogs will be thrilled that we are in the midst of Lockdown 3.0 with all the time they get to spend with their favourite humans receiving belly rubs and playing fetch. However, it's not all fun and games for us when we are working from home and need to get our heads down! So how can you keep your dog entertained whilst working from home? 


Getting in a long morning walk, jog or run before you start your working day can expel some of your dog’s energy early on! Starting off the day in this way can also help to get yourself in the right headspace for the day ahead.


There are so many treat puzzles available on the market, from the Original Kong, Kong rewards ball or goodie bone to the Lickimat Wobble or Playdate boredom breakers. Read more about doggy boredom at our blog 6 Tips to Combat Doggy Boredom. Perfect for popping treats in, treat puzzles are the perfect way to keep your dog occupied for hours on end! Alternatively, if you’re worried about giving your dog too many treats, you could use a dry food alternative such as our Cold Pressed dog food and prolong breakfast or dinner times by making them earn their meals!

To help out in your search for the perfect new toy for your dog in lockdown, we have put together a Top 10 Dog Toys list for you to check out!


Snuffle mats are great to keep your dog entertained for a little while. Again, you can buy them online or you can make them yourself! Use a rubber mat with holes in it and strips of fleece fabric, by knotting small strips of the fabric around the rubber mat you can create your own scavenging snuffle mat!


Roll treats or cold pressed up in a towel and let your dog unravel it to find the fun! Another great simple game to keep your dog occupied is to scatter their favourites toys or treats around the house and ask them to seek them out!


Making your dog’s bed, crate or a brand-new den a fun space to play is the perfect way to keep your dog occupied when you’ve got a busy day ahead. Covering their crate with blankets, sheets or towels creates a fun den for your dog to play in. Pop in some of their favourite toys and treats and they will be kept happy for an hour or two! This works in the same way with their bed or a new spot in the house like under your desk, filled with fun new distractions, toys, treats and blankets these spaces can be a spot your dog can play and relax without your constant attention.   

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