5 DIY Ideas To Keep Your Canines Cool in Warm Weather

With the weather warming up, you’re likely to be spending more time outside in the garden with your four legged friends. But it’s worth noting that our dogs can sometimes struggle in the heat, as they find it more difficult to cool down as easily as we do.

So what fun ways can you keep your dogs cool and entertained as the weather warms up?

Pool Party

Filling an inexpensive children's paddling pool with water can be a great way to keep those water-loving canines cool. If your dog isn’t so keen on the water, try throwing in some of their favourite treats and letting them go ‘bobbing for biscuits’!

Frozen Treat Bowl

If you want to keep your dog occupied whilst keeping them cool and making sure they’re staying hydrated, then a frozen treat bowl is perfect. Freeze your dog's favourite treats or biscuits (we recommend our No Stress Cold Pressed for this!) in water or chicken stock and let them go to town! Be sure to keep this one outside to prevent finding a puddle of treats on your carpet at the end of the day.

Build an Outdoor Den

Encourage your dog to stay in a shaded area by creating them their very own doggie den! Grab a picnic blanket or their bed, add a parasol and some cushions and voila! If you’re a camper then pitch up your tent, throw in some blankets and bring your dog’s favourite toys to keep them busy.

Frozen Toy Bowl

Another simple way to keep your dog cool and entertained is to freeze their favourite toys in water (in a large bowl, bucket or cake tin). They’ll love the challenge of trying to retrieve their favourite ball from this bizarre and rather cold box.


Homemade pupsicles are a simple way to cool down your canine. Use an ice cube or ice lolly tray and choose from tasty things like chicken broth, peanut butter (Xylitol free), dog-friendly fruit or their favourite biscuits/ treats to freeze in the water. Then pop in your Well Tasty Chicken Jerky as an edible ‘handle’, freeze and get your pup licking their lips.

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