5 Biggest Myths About Raw Food Diets For Dogs

It's hard not to uncover hesitant individuals when you mention raw feeding, and if you've been doing it for a while you'll know there's a lot of keyboard warriors out there ready to bombard you with their 'eye rolling' misconceptions, myths and gossip.

Feeding your dog a complete raw diet is the best way to ensure you're providing them with easily digestible and balanced diet that promotes good health and well being. But are there any truths to these myths or are they just fear tactics from individuals who simply haven't done their homework...

Myth #1: A Raw Diet isn't Balanced

One of the biggest myths spread by a large number of pet food brands is that feeding your dog a raw diet won't provide them with all the nutrients they need. And yes, feeding your dog just steak on a daily basis isn't a balanced diet and won't provide your dog with everything they need to thrive.

However, if you're done your research you'll know there's more to raw than just meat. A balanced and complete raw diet should include, meat, offal bone and essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Myth #2: Feeding Your Dog Raw Can Put Them at Risk of Salmonella

This is probably the BIGGEST wide spread myth of them all due to well-publicized health scares over the years. What's ironic is no one seems to bat an eye with commercial dry kibbles are recalled due to contamination.

In short, ideally your dog's gut can handle the bacteria no problem as they're built to prevent harmful bacteria (such as salmonella) from invading the body. Their stomaches are highly acid and contain natural digestive enzymes to process and help break bacteria down without getting ill.

The main reason most people are fearful of the bacteria is for the dog owner, not the dog. But just as you take hygiene protocols when preparing and cooking meat for your own meals, you take the same steps when feeding your pet. And that's it!

Myth #3: A Raw Diet Can Make Your Dog More Aggressive

The thought that feeding your dog a complete and healthy raw diet will turn them into an aggressive beast with a thirst for blood, well... it's the one we roll our eyes at the most. No, feeding your dog a raw diet won't make them aggressive nor will it heighten their urge to hunt.

Obviously (as with any food your dog enjoys) some dogs can be defensive and territorial when it comes to 'higher ranking' food such as meat. But raw diets won't cause or worsen this behaviour and teaching your dog good manners, regardless of the food type is essential.

Myth #4: Raw Bones are Dangerous

It's a known fact that not all bones are suitable for dogs. Cooked and dehydrated bones can be brittle and splinter as the moisture has been removed. But the ones used in raw feeding, whether you've done your research or you're purchasing pre-prepared complete raw meals are safe.

Raw bones are soft, chewy and easy to digest. They're an essential part of a raw diet as they provide your dog with essential fatty acids and minerals as well as helping to stimulate the production of saliva to prevent plaque build up.

Myth #5: A Raw Diet isn't Suitable For Toy or Small Breeds

Many people think that raw diets are built for larger, more robust working dog breeds and that they're not safe for smaller breeds. Wrong. The myth came from people worrying that the bones were a choking hazard. However, as mentioned above, raw bones are chewy and soft and can be enjoyed by your pint sized pup. They just need to be served up the right way for each individual dog. If you'

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