3 Foods to Help Clean Your Dog’s Teeth, Naturally

The recommendation to brush your dog’s teeth daily is like being told to restrict yourself to only 4 hours of screen time a day. Really beneficial but not always realistic. However, although it’s incredibly important to keep on top of your dog’s dental hygiene with regular brushing and vet checks, there are other things you can do in between wrestling a toothbrush into your dog’s mouth.

And yes there are some great dog toys and chews on the market, but we think you’re dog will be wagging their tail even more at the sound of some of these treats…

100% Natural Jerky 

Whether beef, chicken or fish, jerky has a rough abrasive texture that will help scrub your dogs pearly gnashers. But what you need to look out for is jerky that is 100% meat and no added sugar, otherwise the sugar will just outweigh the brushing benefits. Our 100% natural, 1 ingredient jerky treats are the perfect treat to help towards looking after those pearly whites.

Crunchy Fruit and Vegetables

Just like bones, crunchy fruit and veg act as an abrasive on the teeth to scrub away the plaque and prevent build up. Offering your dog small pieces of apple, celery, carrot and broccoli are great alternatives to your regular store bought treats. These store treats can be loaded with sugar as they’re not natural.

Raw Meaty Bones

Not only are raw bones highly nutritious and loaded with calcium and phosphorus but letting your dog chew on them can help sweep away that build up on their teeth. Just be sure to supervise your dog and never give them cooked bones as these can splinter.

All of our frozen raw food meals contain small bits of bone which can help to gently exfoliate the teeth without the worry of them choking. Grab 40% off your first subscription box today with code ‘WELLTASTY’ and we’ll even throw in some of those natural jerky treats too!

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